Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Homemade Leak and potato Soup

Homemade Leak and potato soup with our new soup maker!!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Me and my mum made these a long time ago but have just seen them on my camera so I thought I'd show you. They were really yummy especially when they were still warm, mmmmm!! 

Sorry about my doggy camera skill I think at the time I was excited to try them so I didn't really take much care!

Should be blogging more soon! hopefully :/

Tower Of London

Hey guys, haven't done a blog in a super long time but last week my mum, my sister and I all went to the Tower Of London which in theory was a fun idea also we could have a bit of bonding time but.. with my luck my mum and sister decided they wanted to go on a tour and get talked through everything with a man who was a bit too enthusiastic about everything there was at the Tower.

 On that day I found out that the ravens do actually live on the grounds!!

When the tour had ended "Finally" we had some lunch and then had an ice-cream as it was a bit hot! We then went around into other rooms in the Tower which had a lot of better things for a 13 year old to enjoy and look at e.g the dragon which my sister and I thought was very cool.

We all had a very fun day though apart from the boring tour but I did learn a few things about it's history.

Hopefully I'll be blogging more soon!